ATS2018 Conference Organizers

South Florida Agile Association (SFAA) is a grass roots non-profit organization founded in January 2013 to promote innovation through Agile transformation at community level.  We believe in South Florida local talent, and strive to provide Agile education to trigger technology innovation in our own backyard.  Our membership includes 3000+ local business and technology professionals and decision makers searching for the best services and solutions to help their Agile journey.

Patricia Monica Ojeda

Juan Carlos Carrion

Julie Kreeger

Miriam Cohen

Brian Nunez

Raelynn DeParsqual

Warren Wise

South Florida Agile Association Board

Rimma Polissky

Joy Chambers

Tony DiPerna

Rick Regueira


South Florida Agile Association (SFAA) is dedicated to promoting the use of Agile practices and principles in software development and project management. Agile development offers powerful ways to quickly deliver quality products to customers while responding to change and respecting the people and teams doing the work.

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